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Friday Metrocon: Deutschland's Electrohazard 3 by German-Blood Friday Metrocon: Deutschland's Electrohazard 3 by German-Blood
Here's another view of me in the Deutschland's Electrohazard / Nuclear Angel cyber outfit that I wore to Metrocon 2012. This time it shows the back portion, which shows more details in the wings, wig, and my glow-stick-like apparatus that I created (bio-batteries I call them).

Passage taken from previous photo:

"A lot of people that day were asking me what I was or who I was cosplaying, so I'll clarify here what my vision was: I initially wanted to do just a simple cybergoth outfit that was themed with colors from the German flag. I ordered my German flag fluffies, made the wig with dreads in black red and gold, blah blah blah, but then I started adding more materials to make it seem more industrial and I guess? There was a lot of conduit tubing, electrical wires, zip ties, and tape going on at first. lol It seemed like my cybergoth style turned itself into a rogue experiment-looking creature then your typical stereotype, and soon I added details like a biohazard sign on my duct tape dress (and yes it's a dress made entirely of duct tape and hazard tape), more conduit tubing to the respirator and wig, some glow-stick-like batteries to wear on my back, some caution tape wings, and boom this happened! :omfg:
So what I call officially my "Deutschland's Electrohazard" cybergoth outfit, is also considered my "Nuclear Angel" outfit."

Other Metrocon photos of me:

Model/Outfit designer/maker: :icongerman-blood:
Photo taken courtesy of Samuel Baynslayer
chibilombax Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
I am jealous of those fuzzy shoes. I still can't even find a pair of german flag socks : /
German-Blood Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I was able to get them custom made from, but unfortunately I think the website is shut down. :( There are many other places that make three-tier fluffies though. :)
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